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With us at Bulguides, you can

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Get the holiday you've been dreaming about. Leave the planning to us.

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Ski Touring & Snowshoeing in Bulgaria

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Explore The Rila Mountains

The East European country of Bulgaria is a great place to spend your walking or trekking holiday. There are a few mountain ranges with an altitude higher than 2000 m (Rila, Pirin, Balkan, Rhodopes and Vitosha mountains), with a well-developed network of hiking trails and mountain huts, accessible at every time of the year. Browse through our guided and self-guided tours here.

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Glide on the Ridges of Rila and Pirin

Rila and Pirin are the two highest and most popular mountains of Bulgaria. Each with an altitude of almost 3000m, they are the perfect place for a great winter adventure. The Rila Mountains are famous for their beautiful alpine peaks – Malyovitsa and Musala, for their numerous glacial lakes and its magnificent coniferous forests.


The Balkans Crown

We explored the amazing and diverse mountains of the Balkan Peninsula while walking, mountain biking and ski touring. Find more about our journey here.

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We hope that the Self-Guided Trips section of our website, by providing professional advice and assistance from our mountain guides, will fill any gaps in your planning. Let’s help you organize the best walking trip possible to the mountains of Bulgaria!

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Explore Bulgaria

The territory the country of Bulgaria is a playground for a myriad of mountain outdoor activities. With a variety of mountain ranges and four distinct seasons, Bulgaria provides numerous opportunities for nature adventures all the year round.

Summer mountain activities include walking, trekking and mountain biking, as well as rock climbing and trail running. The summer season in this part of the Balkans lasts from June to October, however on the edges of the season you can experience some winter type weather conditions in the highest parts of Rila and Pirin mountains, the tallest in the area. Here’s some more info about hiking and trekking during Spring and Autumn:

Spring Hiking in the Bulgarian Mountains

Walking & Trekking in Bulgaria in Autumn

Mountain Biking

The driest part of summer is July and August and this is when most people head out for multi-day and long distance trekking in the highest mountains of Bulgaria. This includes crossing the E3 Kom – Emine route along the Balkan mountains, the E4 and E8 routes in Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes, climbing the tallest peaks and traversing the main ridges of all the ranges.

May, June and September-October are periods fraught with more changeable weather and possible terrain issues, so the most suitable areas would be the lower mountain ranges, such as the Rhodopes, Kraishte mountain area, the lower parts of the Balkan, Rila and Pirin.

While Rila and somewhat Pirin are possible to cross on a mountain bike, this would require peak physical condition and some carrying of the bike. For more “bikeable” areas with good cross-country routes, best head to the Rhodopi. Or you can stay lower, closer to the tree line in the highest ranges, where there are numerous bike paths, dirt roads, some designated bike parks (Borovets, Pamporovo) and enduro trails.

Outdoor climbing is possible almost all year round, with some spots in Northwestern Bulgaria suitable even in January/February, in the midst of winter. Approaching the routes at higher altitude in the Rila and Pirin National Parks is best during the summer months due to the adverse weather conditions during other seasons.

Walking in the Rhodopes is a unique experience, being a combo of natural and cultural sights and experiences. Hikers would visit local villages on the way, where rural life and traditions are still kept away from civilization. It is the mountain range that spreads around most of the country – a vast, hilly, wooded area, that has been home to wild animals and inhabited by humans for centuries.

Walking in the Rila and Pirin mountain ranges is for those who like more severe landscapes, rocky peaks, glacial lakes and the solitude of the high mountain. Both national parks are established in an attempt to preserve the unique landscapes and natural habitat of the Balkan mountains. The summer season is short there and the weather conditions are changeable. Most suitable accommodation is in the high-altitude mountain huts located all around both ranges.

Walking the Balkan mountains is a symbolic activity for Bulgarians. The long fish-bone ridge that divides the country in two parts – northern and southern – is an endless hiking trail leading towards the Black sea. Although it isn’t the highest mountain in Bulgaria, Stara Planina is a still “real” mountain with its weather changes and terrain traps, deep valleys and sharp peaks, diverse wildlife and air of mystery. Again, staying in the huts of Central Balkan National Park is the best way to organize multiday walking tours in Stara Planina.

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