Closed Trails in Balkan Mountains

The main ridge of Balkan MountainsSome routes in Balkan Mountains were defined as risky and closed for hikers by the directorate of Central Balkan National Park. Following them is entirely on the responsibility of the offenders. This is mainly due to damaged or old infrastructure – bridges, railings, ladders, etc. These are the following: Babsko Pruskalo Ecotrail; Byalata Voda Ecotrail; Po Putya na Balkandziite Ecotrail; Neshkovtsi – Dermenka Hut (via Steneto Reserve); Sokolna Hut – Mazalat Hut (via Gabrovnitsa River).

The road Hristo Danovo village – Damlu Dere is closed for vehicles. Some other routes require high attention when passing them: Mount Botev – Raj Hut (via the Tarzan Trail); Pleven Hut – Mount Botev (the trail via Mlechnia Chal); Vezen Hut – Echo Hut; Mount Kositsa – Vezen Hut; the town of Karlovo – Hubavets Hut – Balkanski Rozi Hut – Vasil Levski Hut; Hubavets Hut – Amaritsa Hut.

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