Caucasus Mountains Trip Report

We recently returned from our trip to the country of Georgia. For the 10-days period we crossed the country from its northern border to the southern one, also visiting the capital Tbilisi. We saw the jagged peaks and icy glaciers of the Great Caucasus and we climbed Mount Kazbek (5033 m). Than we went down to semi-desert region of the Davit Gareja Rock Monasteries.



We secretly put one feet through the borders of Northern Ossetia to the north and Azerbajdzan to the south, we enjoyed great panoramas, we ate shashlik and tried Georgian wine and chacha, we saw some great Georgian dancing. We carried our heavy rucksacks, we were under rain, snow and strong sun, we were freezing and sweating and we were really happy to be there in every moment.



Thanks to all the participants! See you next year Georgia.



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