Trek in Rila and Pirin Mountains

We organize trips to these mountains quite often and we know them well. They are most visited in July and August although most beautiful views are sometimes earlier in summer, when there is still some snow around and coolest weather for hiking away of the holiday stream is in September-October.


Rila National Park is the biggest in Bulgaria, here are the highest summit on the Balkans – Mount Musala (2925 metres), the famous Seven Rila Lakes, Rila Monastery, Skakavitsa Waterfall, the alpine area of Mount Malyovitsa, many blue lakes.


Pirin Mountains are located south of Rila and separated to them by a saddle, so one can actually jump from one mountain to another. Many glacial lakes and rocky peaks, the oldest tree in the mountains of Bulgaria, Rozhen Monastery, the town of Melnik and second highest summit in Bulgaria (Mount Vihren (2914 metres) are some of the main sights in these mountains. Pirin National Park protects centuries old conifers, rare flora and fauna species.

For a week one can do a trip to both mountain ranges, visiting some of their main sights. We are able to offer different itineraries, depending on your preferences:

  • Longer (7-9 hours a day) treks or easier walking (4-6 hours) following more gentle routes.
  • Accommodation in nice hotels with circular walks or hut to hut style trekking through the mountains, or combination.
  • Take a look at Where to Go section and read more about Rila and Pirin mountains. Choose what would you definitely like to see and we’ll plan the route according to that.
  • We’ll add more to your trip by visiting some nice mineral pools, small settlements and local sights where possible.We are always trying to show you not only the mountains but the country and its people – their culture, lifestyle, cuisine, history. For us this is not less important part of the every trip.

Contact us for any questions, sample itineraries and prices.