12 comments on “Where Can I Stay for the Night?

  1. Hey, Thanks for the infos ! Very usefull !
    I was wondering about the camping, you said first “you should know that camping is prohibited in national parks, nature parks” then you said “There is no problem to camp free anywhere else outside protected areas”.
    So can we camp in a spot like the peak of the seven rila lakes or for example decide to go on hike for fews days with no huts and just take the tent ?
    Is there ranger or policeman that do random checks ?

    Thank you mate 😉

  2. Simon Waring on Sep 6, 2018 5:16 pm | Reply

    Your site is very helpful, thank you. We have managed to book for our group of 7 at the huts which have a web site or e-mail but not at Ezera / Ribni Lakes or Malyovitsa despite trying to phone and sending text messages. Please can you confirm that they are still in use and will be open this month. Will we be able to be catered at these huts?

    • Yes, both are open and Malyovitsa definitely offers food, not 100% sure about the food at Ribni Ezera at the end of the season, but should not be a problem…

  3. Hi,
    is there a possibility to stay in one of the huts for whole day?

    thank you very much,

  4. Allison Stein on Jul 15, 2018 2:35 am | Reply

    Are the Rila Mountain huts open in May? Is it possible to hike Rila Seven Lakes at this time of year?

  5. Hi there – I’d like to do the Rila Traverse in August. I don’t really like staying in dorms in huts, and in the past (in countries like France, Spain and Albania) I have been able to camp in my tent in a field or grassy area just outside the hut/refuge. Do you know if this is possible at all places on the Traverse route? I don’t want the hassle of having to book a bed in the hut in advance. Thanks very much for your help.

    • Hi, yes, this is not a problem. In some of the huts they`ll charge you something for using the facilities or just camping next to. Its generally not allowed within the national park, but near the huts it is accepted.

  6. Hi there! I’m looking to stay during mid Jan. I’ve never been to Bulgaria but I’d like to do a 3 day backpacking trip in the most scenic parts of the Country. I’m looking for information on what trails to take and what huts would be available during that time. Thanks for the help!

    • Hello, yes, it is always advisable to book in advance, although they`ll accommodate you even if you show up without reservation. Is some occasions (holidays, etc.) the huts might be full.

  7. I would like to travel to Rila and Pirin and use the mountain huts in October. Are, generally speaking, the mountain still open for use?

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