Long Weekend Hiking Trips from London

In this short article we`ll provide a few ideas on how to combine cheap flights from London to the cities of Sofia or Plovdiv in Bulgaria with some of our itineraries. The regular low cost flights to the capital and to the second biggest city of the country provide great opportunities for short breaks from the busy city life straight up to the magnificent mountains of Bulgaria – Rila, Pirin, Balkan Mountains and Rhodope Mountains.

Please check the companies`s websites for up to date flight schedules and contact us in order to adjust any of the programs to your current flight schedule.

Ryanair currently provides a convenient and cheap flight from London Stansted to Plovdiv:
Fly In on Thursdays at 15.10; Fly Out on Mondays at 21.00.
This flight gives a great chance for a 3-day exploration of the nearby Rhodope Mountains, by following our programs:

Together with a visit to the city of Plovdiv, considered by many as the historical, cultural and architectural capital of the country.

Ryanair has also flights from London Stansted to the capital of Sofia, which is a convenient point to access the high mountain ranges of Rila and Pirin in Bulgaria.

Fly In on Thursdays 16.25; Fly Out on Mondays at 22h.

This flight gives an option for a 3 full days long weekend in Bulgaria combined with the following itineraries:

The same itineraries are suitable to combine with the cheap Wizz Air and Easy Jet flights:

Wizz Air  flights from London Luton:

Arrival: Thursday flight at 16.25 or Friday flight at 8.30

Departure: Sunday at 14.20 or 21.55 or Monday at 14.20 or 21.55

Easy Jet Flights from London Gatwick:

Arrival: Thursday/Friday at 06.10h

Departure: Sunday/Monday at 11.40h

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Could also suggest similar hiking itineraries for both a 1 or 2 week trip using from these airports?


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