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  1. hi im coming to hike in rila late october will your hut be open oct 27. are huts generally open then and do i need to book in advance

  2. Hi, is it possible to leave a car at Pionerska hut for two nights while we hike in the mountains?

  3. Hi, I am planning on visiting Lovna hut on Wednesday with my friend. We plan to stay there one night, and then make our way via a stop at the Rila lakes hut (if this is possible) to the Ivan Vazov Hut and then the monastery. Is this route possible? Thank you

    • Yes, it is possible, but long for a day directly from Lovna – 9-11h, depending on your pace. Vazov Hut is 1h detour from the route that goes directly to the monastery.

  4. Frederik Carens on Jul 29, 2018 2:18 pm | Reply

    Me and my girlfriend are going to Bulgaria this summer. We are looking for a good hut were we can walk from there into the area of the seven lakes. Did somebody know more about the Lovna Hut? I had a conversation with somebody on the phone, but it was difficult to book without any e-mail address.

    Can somebody with experience of this hut give us more information about the prices?

    Thanks, Frederik

  5. Hi,
    Do you know how to get to this place by public transport from Sofia? We will be traveling with 1 suitcase each.Thanks

  6. Hello, my friend and I are staying at the Lovna Hut in September and we are currently trying to work out how to get from Sofia airport to the Lovna Hut. Can you please help?

    • Hi, you need to get metro to Sofia Central Bus Station, than bus to Dupnitsa, than taxi to Pionerska Hut (the bottom lift station of the Rila Lakes Hut). Or another bus to Sapareva Banya and than taxi. From this point you`ve got around an hour walk to the hut.

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