Macedonia Hut

Macedonia Hut is a mountain hut in Southwestern Rila Mountains, Bulgaria. It was originally built in 1933. The building is located on a mountain pass between The Big Bear and The Small Bear peaks. Surprisingly, the col is also called The Bear’s Pass. The hut is at 2166 meters above the sea level and can host up to 40 people in dormitories. The building is electrified and the hosts offer a good menu of food and drinks. Common showers are available.


The main access to the hut is from the town of Blagoevgrad – 28 km along an asphalt road up to Bodrost holiday area and further 2,45 hours along a dirt road and trails. The hut is on the way of E4 long distance walking path Vitosha-Verila-Rila-Pirin-Slavyanka mountains. The website of the tourist organization that is managing the hut is (only in Bulgarian, mobile phones available).


The nearby destinations are:


  • Rila Monastery;
  • Predela Pass between Rila and Pirin Mountains;
  • Ribni Lakes Hut;
  • Semkovo Hut;
  • Bodrost Hut.