Malyovitsa Hut

The hut is located at 1960 m in Malyovitsa valley, Northwestern Rila Mountains, within the territory of Rila National Park. Originally built in 1934, the hut nowadays is a complex of two buildings – an old and a new one – and can host up to 125 people in dormitories. Hot water and common showers available, also food and drinks.


The hut is accessible along the asphalt road Samokov-Govedartsi-Malyovitsa ski area and further one hour of walking along a trail. The valley is very popular for climbing, hiking and ski touring. Most famous peaks around are Malyovitsa, Malka Malyovitsa, Orlovets, Lovnitsa, Zlia Zab, Kupenite, Popova Kapa. Popular for rock climbing are Kuklata (opposite to the hut), Elenka, the north face of Malyovitsa, Zlia Zab, Ushite.


Contacts: +359 876 232 250 (English speaking); +359 878 719 844


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