New 1:25 000 Maps of Rila and Pirin

A new edition of detailed 1:25 000 maps of Rila and Pirin mountains.

We are happy to announce that the first 1:25 000 scale maps of the mountains of Bulgaria are a fact. These are the newly issued maps of Northwestern Rila and Northern Pirin mountains, created by Iskartour publishing house. Both maps are with contour lines by 10 meters and with the following sizes: 12/22 cm folded and 100/70 cm expanded.

Both editions show the marked walking routes and trails, the mountain huts and shelters locations, the boundaries of the protected areas, the ski areas, etc. Northwestern Rila includes the famous areas of the Seven Rila Lakes, Malyovitsa, Skakavitsa Waterfall, the Rila Monastery area. Northern Pirin is actually the most famous part of these mountains and covers the most interesting hiking routes. Important: the Pirin map does NOT includes the areas of the town of Melnik, Kamenitza and Pirin huts, i.e. the most southern parts of Northern Pirin.

GPS coordinates and information for some characteristic locations, peaks, passes and other important points is included on the back side of the maps. The maps are in transparent plastic pockets. Both maps allow more precise navigation in the areas they cover and are recommended for hikers who plan self guided trips.

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