Skiing the Balkans Guidebook




“Skiing the Balkans” guidebook is issued in 2017 and is the first guidebook of its sort about the mountains of Bulgaria. It contains useful information about the ski touring and off-piste skiing and riding opportunities in the country. The book gives practical information and tips on the climate, the hazards, the huts, maps, navigation in the mountains, the mountain rescue services, the ski resorts, the local ethics, guiding services and service/gear stores.

Of course, the main point is on the mountains of Bulgaria, the approach to the start points and detailed descriptions of the backcountry routes. The book contains descriptions of 50 routes in Rila, Pirin and Vitosha mountains, the main areas suitable for ski touring and off-piste skiing in Bulgaria.

The edition consists of 256 pages, 148 high quality photos and 41 maps as illustration on the routes.

Author: Dimitar Dimitrov.



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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm