Ribni Lakes Hut


Ribni Lakes Hut is located at 2230 m of elevation in Rila Mountains, in a cirque between a couple of lakes, called The Fish Lakes. It offers accommodation in dormitories, common WC/bathroom and basic food menu. The hut is most easily accessible from the so called Kirilova Polyana (Kirilova Meadow), where ends the asphalt road that goes along the Rila Monastery – the meadow is 6 km away from the monastery. Further goes a dirt road that ends at Tiha Rila locality. There is a trail between Tiha Rila and Ribni Lakes Hut. It totally takes about 4 hours to reach the hut from Kirilova Polyana on foot.

Contacts: +359 899 103 275; +359 898 718 205; +359 887 939 316

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Photo credit: bulgarian-mountains.com