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  1. Christian on Apr 18, 2019 8:24 pm | Reply


    I wanted to ask whether there are any three day hiking routes connecting the Rila Monastery and the Seven Lakes with a minimum of 6 hours walking per day and a peak included? I know I am asking a lot, but it would be amazing!

  2. Hi Lyuben, great post!!
    Is there any hiking trail to the monastery from Razlog or Dobrasko?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi, yes, from Dobarsko via Macedonia Hut – you can do (usually a two day) trip to reach the monastery. There are some longer variations as well, you may check on the map.

  3. Max Beeldens on Jul 12, 2017 4:50 pm | Reply

    Hi Lyuben, Great post !
    Are there any one-day loop hikes in the area of Rila Monastery ? We’re keen on doing a hike but we only have one full day to do that hike so staying at a hut is not an option. Any tips ?


    • Hi Max, you may walk up to the cave and chapel of Ivan Rilski, the founder of the monastery, and further up to Kirilova Polyana locality – nice view there and a couple of places to eat. It is basically the same direction up the valley after the monastery. There is an asphalt up to Kirilova, but also parallel trails that you better follow. Would take you around 4,5h in total, +500 m/-500 m, 12 km.

      • Hey this is a great blog thank you so much !

        Is there a hike that takes you from Rila Monastery, past the 7 lakes, then up to musala peak?

        And there are huts along the way?

        Also another question, the 10.20am bus that takes you from sofia to the monastery drops you off right at the monastery so you miss the hike. Or is that hike up to the monastery a loop? I saw that there is the “cave of heaven” which looked really cool that you go through on the way up to the monastery! It’s a small hole inside a cave. I wanted to experience that

        Thank you so much !

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