Save Pirin National Park

The UNESCO World Heritage listed Pirin National Park is put under constant pressure for the last decade, no matter of its statute of a protected area. This includes deforestation and mass tourism development actions, which threaten the old forests and the unique wildlife of this mountain. The last issue is with the new draft of a management plan of the park, that includes a significant increase of the territories within the protected area, permitted for commercial logging and construction. No matter that this draft is against the Bulgarian Law and the European nature directives, it is about to be approved.

As people, who love the nature and work in this area, we are strongly against all the attempts to “develop” Pirin Mountains in such an ugly and devastating way. Thats why we support the international campaign and the petition, started by WWF in order to protect Pirin. Please sign and (hopefully) help to preserve the area:

Watch the video of the campaign:

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