Skakavitsa Hut

Skakavitsa Hut was built in 1921-1922 by enthusiasts from the town of Dupnitsa and that makes it the first tourist hut in Bulgaria. It is located in Northwestern Rila Mountains, within the Rila National Park and Skakavitsa Reserve, at a height of 1896 meters above the sea. Its a complex of two buildings and offers shelter and food for up to 90 people.


The hut is most easily reachable along the asphalt road Sapareva Banya-Pionerska Hut (up to Zeleni Preslop, also known as Gorna Zemya) and further one hour of walking. Higher along the valley is located the biggest waterfall in Rila Mountains – Skakavitsa Waterfall (30 min of walking from the hut).




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