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Due to its key location between the biggest mountains of Bulgaria, Bansko is a good point to organize day ski touring and off piste riding trips both to Rila and Pirin ranges. Of course, the most straight forward choice would be to search for solitude and the untracked snow near the ski area. But also, if you are willing a short drive and to put some effort in the uphill you`ll have the chance to touch interesting and unexplored terrain, away from the resort hustle. We can offer off-piste ski and snowboard day trips to: Bansko ski area – Todorka Peak, Vihren Valley, Bezbog area, Yavorov Hut, Dautov Peak, Rila Mountains – Semkovo area. We are able to cover all levels – from basic introduction in ski touring, off-piste riding and avalanche safety for beginners, to advanced touring and riding. Please check the tabbed content for photos and more info on the different areas.




Off-piste in Bansko ski area. There are numerous options for off-piste skiing near the ski zone of Bansko, located in the Pirin Mountains, both for beginners and more advanced skiers. In suitable snow conditions there is an easy access from some of the lifts to the steep and large conifer forests, as well as to some of the gulleys of the west slopes of Todorka. Further, a 1h of bootpacking with the skis on your back would provide other interesting options to ski down the east and the west slopes of the top of Todorka Peak above the ski area and to have a stroll through the valleys on the sides of the resort or to put your skins on and further aim some less visited area. Another option on the side of the resort is touring the peak of Cherna Mogila. Although easy to access, many of these routes are risky in certain conditions, so good judgement is essential.


Freeriding in Bansko

Bezbog area


Ski touring in Bezbog area. The old but gold chair lift of Bezbog provides a high start for any ski tour – the top station is located at 2240m. There are a couple of peaks to climb (Bezbog Peak, Polezan Peak, Disilitsa), as well as options to ski down slopes, suitable for intermediate or advanced skiers. The forests of Bezbog are accessible by the lift and in good conditions are a lot of fun. The bottom lift station is around 45 min drive from Bansko.


Skiing Polezan Peak

Vihren Valley


Ski touring the valley of Vihren. That is the valley located southeast from the highest peak of Pirin and from the jagged Marble Ridge. The most obvious objective is the peak of Vihren itself, although it requires good endurance. A great and safe alternative to climb is the peak of Hvoynati. 1000 m of ascent from the start point and a good choice of moderate lines to descent. Other options include the peaks of Muratov, Malka Todorka and Donchovi Karauli. The start point of the route is the ski zone of Bansko.


Ski touring Hvoynati Peak

Dautov area


Ski touring the area of Dautov Peak. This is a less visited area which would offer us a straight forward ascent and descent through various terrain and landscapes – broad leaf and conifer forests and wide open slopes higher up. Around 30 min drive from Bansko.


Touring Dautov Area, Pirin

Yavorov Hut


Ski Touring in Yavorov Hut area. This is a good option for a day trip in unfavorable weather conditions. The hut itself is located at 1740 m above the sea, but the start point (Betolovoto area) is relatively low – at around 1200. Although the snow is usually not a problem, reaching the highest parts of the mountain would be more demanding with such a low start. Still Yavorov offers some excellent tree skiing, a nice hut for a cup of hot tea on the way and options to climb further above the tree line and even reach the main ridge of the mountain. Around 20 min drive from Bansko.


Ski touring Pirin Yavorov Hut

Semkovo in Rila


Ski touring Semkovo area in Rila Mountains. The small and sleepy ski area of Semkovo reminds of the old times of Communism and is in a huge contrast to the busting Bansko zone. It provides access to the main ridge of the Rila Mountains, with mainly mild terrain and some beautiful conifer forests. Around 1h drive from Bansko.


Ski Touring Semkovo, Rila Mtns




Touring skis; ski touring bindings with ski/walk mode and brakes or straps; climbing skins; ski crampons; poles; AT ski boots – with rubber sole and ski/walk mode.

*Personal Rescue Equipment – beacon, shovel, probe.

Rucksack 35-45l, water and wind proof pants and jacket with hood, 2 pairs of gloves – a tiny ones for touring and ski gloves, sun glasses, sun block, sun hat, warm hat, ski goggles, water bottle or flask (1l), snacks, personal first aid kit.

*It is possible to rent all of the above from Bansko or Sofia, please contact us.

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Nick Hamilton

Hi, Interested in 2 days guided skiing off piste and touring. Both reasonably fit and have skiid once a year for a week for many years. Intermediate level and go off piste each year.

We are at the Kempinski next week Sat – sat. 28 Feb and 2 March would suit so we can practice a few days first, but flexible on dates.


Nick & Chris (2 pax) Will need avalanche pack rental.


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