Trip to Rila Mountains 20-22th of May

We`ve got a hiking trip confirmed for the dates 20-22th of May 2018. The location is Rila Mountains – Malyovitsa area, Rila Lakes and the Rila Monastery. The participants will be happy if other like-minded individuals would like to join and split the cost for hiring a guide. Please get in touch for more details on the itinerary.

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Matěj Hrubý

Hi guys!

I would like to ask you for advice. In the middle of June I’m going to Rila and Pirin mountains. I would like consult with you my itinerary. I would like to start at the early morning at the Borovest and across Musala will go to the Ribini lakes hut (aprox. 35 km per day). Second day to the Rila monastery and also sleep there (26 km per day). Third day will continue to the Makedonia hut (25 km per day). Fourth day to the Javorov (40 km per day). Fifth day to the hut Horskij raj or Pirin (40 km per day). And the sixth day to Melnik town and continue by public transport to the Sandanski and then by train to the Thessaloniki.

Is possible to sleep in the tent in an area around huts? And is any website where is possible to book accommodation? I would like also ask you about food and water. Is there some opportunity to buy some food and water in that huts? (I walking really lot of, so I have not problem with distance about 40 km per day)

I will be very grateful for your opinion and your advice.

Thank you very much



    Hello Matej, the day stretches you plan are far above average, especially the Pirin part. In June problematic might be snow drifts on some of the trails, that could be dangerous, also possibly more unstable weather. A couple of the stretches are difficult to navigate as not marked well. Would say the route is maybe possible if you are very well equipped, very well trained, experienced in navigation and dealing in more difficult and possibly dangerous terrain, also lucky with the weather. There is no website to book the huts unfortunately, you need to contact them directly. Food is offered in all the places. Camping next to the huts is fine. Water is not a problem on the way, except along the main ridge of Pirin.


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