Vihren Hut

The hut is located on the left bank of Bunderitsa river at 1950 asl. A 16km asphalt road from the town of Bansko goes to the hut. The road is open only in the summer as it crosses some of the ski runs. In August there is a restricted day time for reaching the hut by car – between 9am and 5 pm cars are not allowed to go any further than the Shiligarnika area, which is 9km from Bansko and there is a parking lot.

The capacity of the buildings and the bungalows together is 196 beds. The toilets are outdoor. There is a canteen.

Nearby destinations:

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  • Koncheto Ridge
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  • Todorka Peak (2746m)
  • Bunderishki Lakes
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  • Hvoinati Peak (2635m)
  • Bunderitsa Hut
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