Walking the High Mountains of Greece


Day 1: Arrival

Meet at Thessaloniki airport and 3hrs drive to the town of Ioannina in the foot of Pindus Mountains. Accommodation.

Day 2: Hiking Zagori – the Vradeto Pathway

1 hour drive to the village of Tsepelovo in the heart of Zagori area. We start our hike in Tymfi Mountains, ascending to a viewpoint above Vikos Gorge at 1650 meters and visiting a couple of historical villages on the way, as well as the famous Vradeto steps pathway. Accommodation in a family hotel in the area.

Total walking for the day: 6hrs, +650/-650 m.

Day 3: Vikos Canyon

Today we cross the whole Vikos Gorge starting at the village of Monodendri. With its depth ranging from 120 to 490 m, and a width ranging from 400 m to only a few meters at its narrowest part Vikos is considered as the world’s “deepest relative to its width” gorge among others. We end up at the village of Vikos, from where a short transfer will take us to our hotel in Aristi village.

Total walking for the day: 7hrs, +800/-1000 m.


Vikos Gorge

Vikos Gorge near Vikos Village. A small monastery and Voidomati Springs at the bottom


Day 4: Hiking the Astraka route

A challenging day – we start from the stone village of Micro Papigo, located in the foot of the so-called “Towers of Papigo” – the rocky peaks of Astraka massif. We ascend up to Astraka refuge, located at 1950 meters above the sea, at the foot of Astraka peak. Optional climb to the nearby peak of Lapatos and descent back to Micro Papigo. Today we will see views towards the mountains of Albania, the Northern Pindus massif as well as the famous Drakolimni Lake, located on the slopes opposite to us. Second night at the same hotel.

Total walking for the day: 6hrs, +950/-950 m. Optional +2hrs +350/-350 m.

Day 5: Hiking the Lakmos range

We are leaving the Tymfi region today and heading for the famous Meteora monastery complex. Still we are going to hike another mountain in Lakmos range on the way – one of the remotest parts of Pindus area. Drive to Meteora monastery complex in the afternoon and accommodation in a local hotel. Meteora is a rock formation that hosts one of the biggest Ortodox complexes in Greece – a combination of a natural phenomena and a cultural monument.

Total walking for the day: 6hrs, +800/-800 m.



Day 6: Hiking in Meteora Monastery Complex

Today we hike in the area of Meteora in the morning and then drive for 1:30hrs down to the Mediterranean sea coast at the foot of Olympus Mountains. We will stay in a hotel by the sea for 2 nights and do a day trip up to the Olympus on the next day. Some time to enjoy the beaches of Greece and dinner with delicious sea food – this is all a big part of the culture of the country we cannot miss.

Total walking for the day: 2hrs, +300/-300 m.


Hiking the Meteora


Day 7: Hiking in Olympus National Park

The highest and most impressive mountain range in Greece.A day with a challenging and less challenging option. The challenge will be to reach the peak of Skourta (2476 m, with magnificent views towards the rocky peaks of Mytikas and Stefani (the throne of Zeus). The lighter option will include the meadows, century old conifer forests and the viewpoints near Petrostrouga Hut(group can divide in two).

Drive to the area of Gortsia in Olympus Mtns. Walk up to Petrostrouga Hut – 3hrs, +850m. Option to ascend Skourta peak for additional 2:30hrs. Descend down to Prionia locality and meet the transport.

Total walking for the day:
6hrs +850/-850m.
8:30hrs -1400/-1400m.



Day 8: Departure

Drive to the Thessaloniki airport – 1:30hrs. Departure.


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