Yavorov Hut

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Yavorov hut is located in the area called Suhodolski polyani at 1740 m asl close to the largest karst region in Pirin Mountains. There are two buildings – a new and an old one. The new hut has 70 beds, some in double rooms with en suite bathroom. There is hot water, canteen, meals are offered and the hut is open all year round. The old hut has 21 beds and self catered kitchen.


Starting points:

1. the town of Razlog on tarmac road, dirt road and marked path;

2. the end of the tarmac road above the Golf course. The dirt road goes all the way to the hut.


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Nearby destinations:

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  • Dautovo lake
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  • Bunderitsa hut


+359 896 688 414;

+359 886 116 609;

+359 896 688 413