Pirin Mountains Huts

Map of the Huts in the Pirin Mountains

A Google map of the huts in Pirin Mountains with links to the huts pages more info.

Vihren Hut

The hut is located on the left bank of Bunderitsa river at 1950 asl.

Yavorov Hut

Yavorov hut is located in the area called Suhodolski polyani at 1740 m asl.

Predel Hut

The hut is located at 1050 m asl near the main road Simitli – Bansko.

Sinanitsa Hut

The hut is located at 2190 m asl and nearby Sinanishko Lake

Demyanitsa Hut

Located at 1985 m asl above the town of Bansko, built back in 1932

Bunderitsa Hut

It is located on the west bank of Bunderitsa River at 1810 m asl