Spring Rhodopes and Pirin seen from the sky

Beautiful aerial drone footage

Trip to Rila Mountains 20-22th of May

Confirmed trip to the Rila Mountains – 20-22th of May 2018

Walking in the Caucasus Mountains

8-day walking itinerary – the best of the Georgian Caucasus Mountains, Svaneti area

Caucasus Trekking Summer 2017

11 day trip to the country of Georgia and trekking in the Caucasus – summer 2017

Kom-Emine Trail Running this Summer

A long-distance trail running event for the summer of 2017 – the Kom-Emine trail

The Treasures of Bulgaria

A film about Bulgaria – the history, culture and traditions of this small Balkan country.

New Guidebook on Ski Touring in Bulgaria

Skiing the Balkans – new guidebook about ski touring in Bulgaria

Snow Conditions Report March 2017

Snow conditions report for the mountains of Bulgaria – March 2017.

Snow Conditions Report Feb 2017

Snow conditions report for the mountains of Bulgaria – Feb 2017.

Snow Conditions Report January 2017

Snow conditions report for the mountains of Bulgaria – January 2017.

East & Central Rila and Pirin South Maps

New editions of 1:25 000 maps of Central and Eastern Rila and Southern Pirin mountains.

Save Pirin National Park

Support the Save Pirin National Park Campaign of WWF.

Caucasus Mountains Trip Report

We recently returned from our trip to the country of Georgia.

New Kom-Emine Guidebook

Kom – Emine – a guidebook along the main ridge of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria.

Mountain Biking from Musala Peak

How does a descent from the highest peak of Bulgaria on a mountain bike would look like?

Mountain Biking around Bansko

The endless options for mountain biking near Bansko.

New 1:25 000 Maps of Rila and Pirin

A new edition of detailed 1:25 000 maps of Rila and Pirin mountains.

The Epiphany Male River Dance

More information about this interesting Bulgarian tradition.

Why Visiting Bulgaria?

A nice promotional video that shows the treasures of the country.

Off-piste Skiing in Bansko

The opportunities for off-piste skiing&touring near Bansko.

At the Heart of the Bulgarian Mountains

A film about the mountains and the nature of Bulgaria.

Folklore Festivals in the Mountains

Information about the main Bulgarian mountain folklore festivals

Long Weekend Hiking Trips from London

More info on the best combinations of a Cheap Flight + Hiking Trip in Bulgaria.

Ski Touring in Romania

Video from the ski touring trip to Romania in March 2015.

Spring Ski Touring in Rila and Pirin

Trip report from our last ski trip for the 2015 season.

Exploring the Mountains of Kosovo

An April ski touring trip to the mountains of Kosovo.

Ski Touring in Bulgaria

Ski touring and off-piste in the mountains of Bulgaria – Rila and Pirin ranges.

Ski Touring in Rila Mountains

Trip report from our ski touring journey in Rila Mountains in 2014.

Ski Touring in Romania

A December ski touring trip in Romania – Bucegi and Fagarash mountain ranges.

Walking Trip to Tymfi Mountains in Greece Report

The Northern Pindus Mountains (also known as Tymfi) in Greece.

Snowshoeing Day Trip from Bansko to the Rhodopes

Snowshoeing Day Trip from Bansko to the Rhodopes

Lodge Keeper

A short film about the difficulties to maintain a hut high up in the mountains of Bulgaria.

Mount Mytikas in Olympus Mountains

Trip report from our last ascent of Mount Mytikas, Olympus Mountains, Greece.

The Rhodopes A Secret for Long Life

A Secret for Long Life – a film about the (long) living in Rhodope Mountains.

טיולים לאוהבי לכת בהרי בולגריה

טיולים לאוהבי לכת בהרי בולגריה…………………………………………………………………………

Film about the Nature of Bulgaria

A film about the beautiful nature and mountains of Bulgaria.

Film about the Nature Parks in Bulgaria

A short film about the eleven Nature Parks of the country.

Reviews on Our Snowshoeing Trips

Some customer reviews on our snowshoeing trips in Rila, Pirin and Vitosha mountains.

New Trail Cameras in Central Balkan

New cameras in Balkan Mountains, Central Balkan National Park

Snowshoeing in Bansko Area

Options for 1-day snowshoeing trip near Bansko

Hiking in Western Rhodopes

A 4-day walking trip from the village of Shiroka Luka to Yagodina and some other places

Spring Mountain Biking in Rhodope Mountains

Mountain bike trips around Western Rhodopes

The Weddings of Ribnovo

Ribnovo is a small village located high up in Western Rhodope Mountains

Hiking and Mountain Biking around Bansko

At the foot of Northern Pirin Mountains

Narrow Gauge Line Closed for Summer

Although not the fastest way of transportation, it is a good attraction

Bike Season Starts!

Although the highest parts of the mountains are still covered in a thick layer of snow

Snowshoeing in Pirin Mountains on April 28-29th

Our last snowshoeing trip this winter

Pirin National Park

At the present moment the park occupies a significant part of the Pirin Mountains

Mountain Film Festival in Bansko

The annual mountain film festival, held in Bansko, Pirin Mountains.

Closed Trails in Balkan Mountains

Some routes in Balkan Mountains were defined as risky and closed for hikers

Newborn Griffon Vultures in Eastern Rhodopes

Thousands of vultures inhabited Bulgaria

Video of a Brown Bear in Vitosha Nature Park

A baby Bear in Bistrishko Branishte Reserve.

Bulgaria Become a Member of UIMLA

The only internationally recognized qualifications in Europe.