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Любен Грънчаров

Lyuben Grancharov

Lyuben Grancharov | Founder & Guide
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Bulguides Outdoor Activities is a brand name of Skiato LTD, a small Bulgarian tour guide company specialized in mountaineering activities. Bulguides is run by a local mountain guide – Lyuben Grancharov. The website bulguides.com was initially created as a blog by Lyuben – an online guide about hiking in Bulgaria.

We love the variety of activities as well as the variety of mountain and nature sights we have in our region. We cannot say we have a favorite mountain or a peak. We like seeing the different parts of the country during the seasons. We love travelling through the mountains in different ways – biking, walking, snowshoeing or skiing.

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What we offer

Bulguides.com contains a lot of up-to-date information about the mountains and hiking in Bulgaria. Little by little, the platform developed separate sections about mountain biking, ski touring, snowshoeing and other tours offered by us. Skiato.eu is our website devoted to the snow activities – ski touring and freeriding with locals from Bulgaria.

How do we operate

We work mainly with individuals and small groups. Our aim is to provide the best service on private tours. We would offer you a tailor-made itinerary, according to the season, the conditions up in the mountains, your aims, interests, preferences and fitness level. We are trying to steer away from the most crowded routes and to see the most interesting sights up in the mountains while following attractive, but less popular, walking trails and routes.

Asphalt road biking Bulgaria
Rocky ridge in Pirin

Walking tours in Bulgaria

Walking and trekking in the mountains of Bulgaria is what we do mostly. As locals we are very familiar with our Rila, Pirin, Rhodope and Balkan mountain ranges, but we also know “the hidden gems” of the country – the less popular and unknown for the outside visitor mountains, routes and sights. We are happy to share this knowledge with our guests from around the world.

Nowadays, together with a bunch of professional guides, we offer guided hiking, walking and trekking, mountain biking, ski touring, snowshoeing, trail running and climbing adventures around the mountains of Bulgaria.

Self-guided tours

Within our expertise are also the self-guided walking tours in the mountains of Bulgaria. We fully understand the passion to explore by yourself, finding your way through the mountains. This is why we offer walking tours and mountain biking tours without a guide. The tours benefit from our full background support – providing routes, descriptions and tracks, mountain maps, and taking care of all the organizational hassle and possible issues.

The Balkans Crown

The Balkans Crown – hiking in the Balkans is our collection of walking tours and programs around the Balkan Peninsula. We like traveling and exploring different cultures as well as outdoor activities. Hence we follow our passion for the mountains even outside of the borders of Bulgaria. That’s why we developed a set of programs in the other Balkan countries as well as in the country of Georgia.


What else on bulguides.com

Along with all that, on bulguides.com you’ll find a lot of useful info: general information on the different mountain ranges, the main hiking routes, the huts, best time to visit, information on the markings, safety issues and more.

You can always ask us any question about the mountain ranges and the outdoor activities in Bulgaria – we’ll be glad to help! Enjoy browsing through our website!

Legal information

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