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  1. hi Lyuben!
    my name is Lee from Korea.
    i will go to 2 Bulgaria mountains this June for a week.
    i am looking for a great bulgarian mountain guide speaking English.
    our team is 2 persons.
    we have experiences including himalayas, Ladahk, south america trails and so on.
    i leave my email here. reply please^^

  2. Mike and Denise from USA on Jun 21, 2017 1:08 pm | Reply

    We traveled to Bulgaria without much knowledge of the country or expertise in hiking but great anticipation to spend time with friends and hike. Lyuben did an incredible job for us. The hiking was challenging and the scenery was breathtaking. Memories were made that we will never forget. We stayed at wonderful inns, we ate great food, and we met wonderful people. Lyuben helped us with all the aspects of our trip. Thank you Lyuben for your gracious services and the experience that we will always remember with pleasure.

  3. Jonathan Smith on Aug 7, 2017 5:29 pm | Reply

    We have done self guided inn to inn hiking at many locations around the world and are wondering if such a thing exists in Bulgaria. We would also consider a guide in Bulgaria if there are few English speaking local people. We prefer to hike 6-15 miles per day and carry only a day pack with water, lunch, and foul weather gear. Our overnight gear is transported for us between evening destinations. Our schedules are somewhat flexible and we would probably have 4-6 people in the party. We would like the hike to be in the 6-9 day range.
    Does this sound possible for a Bulgarian vacation?

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