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  1. Vivian Tong on Nov 15, 2018 6:17 am | Reply

    Hi. I will be traveled to Bulgaria in mid May 2019 for about 10 days. I am interested to do a multi-day hike, probably 3- 5 days, prefer to hike independently but worried about language barrier. And also love to run some trail. Can you advise and what is the charges for the consultation?
    Thank you.

  2. I used Margarita of Bulguides’ Self Guided services to book the mountain huts for me on the scenic, alpine E4 route and to help me out with language difficulties etc.. It was well worth the money especially dealing with communication difficulties in the less used huts and with some suspicious villagers as I left Bulgaria. The “Tourist Guide E4 in Bulgaria” which Bulguides offer is also worth buying.

  3. Sam Beaver on Jan 7, 2018 8:03 pm | Reply

    Hi there,

    I’m looking to do a hike sometime in early feb that requires minimal gear and is somewhere between 1-3 nights long. I was thinking a hut-hut hike would be great for gear purposes. Don’t really have an area in mind but just some beautiful scenery is all we’re looking for. I have experience hiking and ski touring and with maps but a good trail would be useful. Any advice would be great!
    Cheers and warm regards,

  4. We are a family with 3 kids (13,15, and 17) and want to do a 5-6 day hiking in the Rila mountains.
    We are used to travel by ourselves (can use a map), and want to travel without a guide.
    We are not in a good shape, so the walking per day cannot be too long or too difficult.
    Can you assist us with the planning of the rout, and the logistics (place order at the relevant huts, etc.)?
    What is your offering and what is the fee?
    Thank you,

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