Rila Lakes and Monastery

You’ll walk on foot to all of the sights, crossing a high mountain ridge and sleeping in a hut on the way. This is a challenging trek for those who have some hiking experience, who are in a very good shape and have the proper equipment.

The trail crosses the Rila National Park from the north to the south and the start and end points are different. Both are accessible by car or public transport/taxi ride.The trek is strenuous and requires decent experience in hiking, good mountain equipment and fitness condition. Accommodation in the hut is simple, in dormitories and there is no shower, but the food and beer are the tastiest in Rila. The trip is available between June and October.


Day 1

8 hours, +1100 m/-400 m.


Zeleni Preslop

Skakavitsa Hut

Skakvitsa Waterfall

The Seven Rila Lakes

Ivan Vazov Hut


Day 2

6 hours, +200/-1350 m.

Ivan Vazov Hut

Rila Monastery


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