Map of Northwestern Rila 1:25 000




Northwestern Rila map, scale 1:25 000, with contour lines by 10 meters and with the following sizes: 12/22 cm folded and 100/70 cm expanded. Created by Iskartour publishing house.

The map shows the marked walking routes and trails, the mountain huts and shelters locations, the boundaries of the protected areas, the ski areas, etc. Northwestern Rila includes:

  • The famous area of the Seven Rila Lakes with the walking routes, Rila Lakes Hut;
  • The Skakavitsa Waterfall area, Skakavitsa Hut;
  • The Rila Monastery area;
  • The Ivan Vazov Hut area;
  • The Malyovitsa area;
  • The Popova Kapa, Kupenite and the Frightful Lake area;
  • The Mechit Hut area, the village of Govedartsi;

Note: The map does not includes the area of Musala, please refer to the Central and Eastern Rila Mountains map.

GPS coordinates and information for some characteristic locations, peaks, passes and other important points is included on the back side of the map. The map has a scale line for measurement of the GPS-coordinates and distances.

ISBN/EAN 9786199137611
Size Folded: 12x22cm
Size: 100x70cm


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm