E4 Route Guidebook of Vitsoha-Verila-Rila-Pirin-Slavyanka Mountains




A guidebook on the Bulgarian part of the E4 International Long Distance Walking Route. It actually crosses 5 mountains and includes the mountain ranges of Vitosha, Verila, Rila, Pirin and Slavyanka mountains, following them from the north to the south, with a start point Vitosha Mountains next to the capital Sofia and end point Slavyanka Mountains on the Greek border.

It takes 13 days to cross the whole long distance path, which is around 260 km long. Definitely the most attractive part of the route are the Rila and Pirin ranges but visiting the other smaller mountains is an unique experience as well and a great opportunity to follow more “off the beaten track” walks.

The book is a great tool not only if you plan to do the long distance hike, but also for planning a shorter trips to Rila and Pirin Mountains only as it covers the Rila Lakes area, Malyovitsa area, The Frightful Lake, Ribni Ezera and Macedonia refuges, as well as the main ridge of Pirin:  Yavorov Hut – The Foal – Vihren peak – Vihren Hut route and Vihren – Tipitiste ridge – Tevno Lake Hut.

The hike is divided into 13 chapters which all contain a detailed description of the route with accommodations available, a map, photos and info on the different sights and landmarks.

First edition 2018, 131 pages, pocket size.

Author: Zhivko Momchev



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