Map of Slavyanka Mountains




Map of Slavyanka Mountains, scale 1:25 000, contour lines by 10 m.

Slavyanka Mountains, also known as Ali Botush Mountains, is a mountain range on the border of Bulgaria and Greece southeast from the town of Sandanski in Bulgaria. It is the last final part of the Bulgarian E4 long distance walking path section.

Its highest peak – Gotsev Vrah, is raising up to 2212 meters above the sea. Most of the mountain territory is a protected area – natural reserve, with some rare species and unique natural sights. There are two huts within the Bulgarian part of the territory of the mountain – Izvora Hut and Slavyanka Hut.

GPS coordinates and information for some characteristic locations, peaks, passes and other important points is included on the back side of the map. The map has a scale line for measurement of the GPS-coordinates and distances.

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