Pirin Summits

The accommodation is in mountain huts, particularly Tevno Hut, situated at 2500 m of elevation in the heart of Pirin National Park,  is a unique place to stay. Despite the basic conditions and lack of shower, it’s worth it for the best panoramas over Kamenitsa Peak and Tevno Lake, also the food and the beer you would find are the tastiest in Pirin.

The route is demanding, with some very rocky sections of the trail, as well as physically challenging. So we will advise you to plan it only if you are in good physical condition and you don’t doubt your ability to walk a bit more challenging, although not completely exposed, terrain.



Day 1

2550m 4:30h

Gotse Delchev Hut

Bezbog Hut

Popovo Lake

Tevno Lake


Day 2

2600m 7:30h

Tevno Lake

Tipitsite Ridge

Bunderishki Lakes

Vihren Hut


Day 3

2914m 6h

Vihren Hut

Mount Vihren


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