Snowshoeing Hut-to-Hut in the Rila Mountains

This is a 3-day itinerary – snowshoeing in Rila Mountains – treks from one hut to another. We’ll visit the area of theRila National Park: the Seven Rila Lakes, Skakavitsa Waterfalls, The Green Ridge and Pazardere Valley. You’ll feel the solitude of the “The Desert Mountain” as someone called Rila once long time ago. You’ll see how is it to spend a night in basic conditions high up, surrounded by the white sharp peaks or Rila.



Important notes: The trip only is suitable for experienced hikers with proper equipment. The last day you can do shorter hike and take advantage of the thermal pools in Sapareva Banya village on the way back. Accommodation in the huts: dorms, shared toilets no hot water. We may need to modify the itinerary according to the  snow/weather conditions.



Day 1: Sofia – Panichishte – Lovna Hut

Transfer from Sofia to Panichishte area in Rila Mountains – 2h. Hike to Skakavitsa Hut – 1870 m. where we can do an optional detour to Skakavitsa Waterfall, the biggest in Rila Mountains, all covered in ice this time of the year. Further we continue snowshoeing in the forest  towards Lovna Hut – our overnight accommodation for this evening.  Walking time: 4-5h, +500/-350 m.


Rila Lakes Hut and Vitosha Mountains as a background

Rila Lakes Hut and Vitosha Mountains as a background


Day 2: Lovna Hut – Rila Lakes – Ivan Vazov Hut 

We will follow the valley of Djerman river towards the area of 7 Rila Lakes. Ascend to the Green Ridge (Zeleni Rid) a panoramic high mountain pass at 2600 m with views to Rila Lakes and the whole mountain. Descend to Ivan Vazov Hut situated in the vast, isolated Pazar Dere valley. Accommodation in Ivan Vazov Hut. Walking time: 6-7h, +950/-300 m

Day 3: 

Ivan Vazov Hut – The Green Ridge – Sofia

Walk back to the pass and descend via the panoramic Zeleni Rid Ridge back to the starting point. Good end of this trip might be a visit to the thermal pools in Sapareva Banya village on the way back to Sofia. Walking time: 5-7h, +450/-1100 m



Required equipment:

  • hiking boots – waterproof and warm, to cover the ankle, with stiff sole, compatible with your crampons;
  • water and windproof jacket with hood;
  • water and windproof pants;
  • rucksack;
  • warm hat, thin pair of gloves and a pair of warm mittens;
  • thermal underwear, light down jacket or a warm fleece;
  • sun protection – sun cream, sun glasses, sun hat;
  • snowshoes and trekking poles – we can organize hire;
  • water bottle or, preferably, flask – 1l;
  • snacks, lunch pack.


Vazov Peak seen from the main ridge

Vazov Peak seen from the main ridge