Mountain Biking and E-biking in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a great place for mountain biking in all its forms: there are tracks and routes for Downhill, Enduro/AM, Cross-country (XC), or just relaxed pedaling on easy terrain in the nature, combined with sightseeing and exploring the local culture and life. Mountain biking is getting more and more popular locally with a growing number of competitions for devoted athletes or mass events, open to anyone – like the famous Vitosha 100km bike race and ultra marathon, that hosted more than 1600 riders in 2016.

The main mountain ranges, that offer suitable terrain for mountain biking, are: Vitosha Mountains, Lozenska Mountains, Plana Mountains, Western Balkan Mountains – all are pretty close to the capital  Sofia and suitable for biking day trips. The routes vary from all-mountain type ones with long and technical descents to gentle dirt roads, suitable for novices.

Rila, Pirin and Cental Balkan Mountains are the highest alpine ranges of Bulgaria, that host the tree main national parks of the country. Some of the terrain is too rough for the decent rider, but still, the lower parts of these ranges, along with some high altitude crossings, offer great MTB routes. Along with that, the ski resort of Borovets, located in Central Rila, 1h drive from Sofia, has a well developed mountain bike parkBorovets MTB. Some the lifts are operating during summer and there is a diverse route network – from tough downhill tracks to easy trails, good for learning the basic MTB techniques.

Rhodope Mountains are the largest mountain range in the country, with generally mild terrain, suitable for cross-country rides. Along with that, Rhodopes are a wild and unique range where the local lifestyle culture and traditions are preserved. The biggest ski resort in the area – Pamporovo – also hosts a very well developed bike park, Pamporovo Bike Park.

The main season for mountain biking is the Summer, as it is the driest. Of course, if you accept that there is a chance that you may get a bit muddy, wet or cold, Spring and Autumn are also great choices. The periods March-June and September-November are also great time to go biking. Quite often they offer better landscapes of the nature, changing its outlook between the seasons, and also more personal experiences, away from the summer human stream.

We offer guided mountain biking trips, led by experienced and qualified mountain bike leaders to all the mountain ranges of Bulgaria. All tours are also available on an eBike. Please check our sample itineraries above or request a custom one.