Rila Mountains Huts

Map of the Huts in the Rila Mountains

A Google map of the huts in Rila Mountains plus links with additional info.

Macedonia Hut

Macedonia Hut is a mountain hut in Southwestern Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Mechit Hut

Mechit Hut is situated at Govedarnika locality in Rila National Parks

Belmeken Hut

Belmeken Hut is located in Rila National Park, at 2224 meters of altitude

Venetitsa Hut

Venetitsa Hut is located at 1400 meters above the sea, in Eastern Rila Mountains

Malyovitsa Hut

The hut is located at 1960 m in Malyovitsa valley, Northwestern Rila Mountains

Rila Lakes Hut

The hut is built at 2135 m above the sea at the foot of the Seven Rila Lakes Cirque

Skakavitsa Hut

Skakavitsa Hut was built in 1921-1922 and it is the first tourist hut in Bulgaria.

Ivan Vazov Hut

Ivan Vazov Hut is located near Bistritsa River in Pazardere Valley

Kobilino Branishte Shelter

The shelter is located at Kobilino Branishte Saddle, Rila Monastery valley.

Musala Shelter

Musala Shelter is located on the top of Mount Musala, the highest peak in Bulgaria

Hristo Smirnenski Hut

The hut is located at 1860 meters above the sea in Southeastern Rila Mountains

Dobursko Hut

The hut is located at Vadata locality on the southwestern slopes of Rila Mountains

Semkovo Hut

Semkovo Hut is located at 1750 m asl on the southwestern slopes of Rila Mountains.

Ribni Lakes Hut

Ribni Lakes Hut is located in Rila Mountains, in a cirque between a couple of lakes

Granchar Hut

Granchar Hut is built on the north shore of Granchar Lake, at 2187 meters above the sea

Lovna Hut

Lovna Hut is located in Northwestern Rila Mountains on the shore of German River

Pionerska Hut

Located in Northwestern Rila Mountains, near the bottom station of the Rila Lakes lift

Vada Hut

Vada Hut is located in Northwestern Rila, at a height of 1410 m

Otovitsa Hut

Otovitsa hut in Northwestern Rila Mountains. Nearby towns: Dupnitsa and Sapareva Bania.

Ledeno Ezero Hut

Ledeno Ezero Hut is located at 2709 m above sea level in the foot of Mount Musala.

Chakur Vojvoda Hut

Chackur Vojvoda Hut is located at 2000 m above sea level near Borovets ski resort.

Zavratcitsa Hut

Zavratcitsa hut is located in eastern Rila Mountains at 2178 m elevation

Seven Lakes Hut

The Seven Lakes Hut is located at 2196 m asl in the Seven Rila Lakes Cirque.

Yastrebets Hut

Yastrebets hut is located in eastern Rila Mountans in the area called Aramiiski well.

Maritsa Hut

Located in east part of Rila Mountains at the junction of Liava and Prava Maritsa rivers

Gerginitsa Hut

Located in Eastern Rila Mountains at 820m asl. and near the town of Dolna Banya

Gurgulitsa Hut

The hut is located in the area called Milinkini meadows in Eastern Rila Mountains

BAK Shelter

BAK shelter is located in North-western part of Rila Mountains in the “Lake-less” cirque

Strashnoto Ezero Shelter

The shelter is located on the Northern bank of Strashnoto Lake (the Scary Lake)

Musala Hut

Located at 2389 m asl. on the most popular route to Musala Peak