Rila Mountains

Rila Mountains

General info about Rila Mountains, the highest mountain range in Bulgaria.

Borovets Ski Resort

Borovets is one of the main ski resorts in Bulgaria, located in Rila Mountains.

Rila Monastery

The UNESCO heritage site of Rila Monatery, the biggest Ortodox holy place in the country.

Rila National Park

Rila National Park – the biggest among the national parks in Bulgaria.

The Seven Rila Lakes

Info on the Seven Rila Lakes area in Rila Mountains.

The Skakavitsa Waterfalls

Skakavitsa Waterfalls in Northwestern Rila Mountains.

Mount Musala

The highest peak on the Balkans – Mount Musala (2925 m).


The area of Malyovitsa in Rila Mountains – an iconic place for the Bulgarian mountaineers.