Map of the Huts in the Rila Mountains

A Google map of the huts and tourist shelters in Rila Mountains, Bulgaria


For more info about Rila, please follow the link – Rila Mountains.


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Hi Lyuben!
I’m planning on hiking in Rila mountains on next week (5-10.6). The forecasts for Rila, spravena banya and all the villages around the mountains aren’t that optimistic… (Lots of rain).
On the other hand I saw on other resources that the weather in the mountain picks (Musala) and on ski resorts (borovetz) is much more dry. How reliable those sources are?
Is it possible that there is that difference between the weather on 1000 height and 2600 height?
Thank you so much!

Jens Van Cleynenbreugel


I would like to go hiking in the Rila and Prin mountains but would like to go by myself, is it possible to just hike from hut to hut and stay there?

Do you have a recommendation concerning a trail? Thinking about 5 or 6 days hiking and i like a challenge




hi, is it possible to hike from Malyovitsa hut to Ribni lakes hut in one day?
how much time will it take?

Chemmie Bar Yosef

Hi, I am one person and want to stay in maliovitsa hut on 28q8 . do you know how i can contact them? what happens if one come without reservation?


Hello Lyuban, We are 2 adults and child 14 yrs planning to spend 3 days at Rila mountain.
We tried to contact the Huts through the website but with no success…
We would like to contact Seven Lakes Hut and Ivan Vazov Hut.
Also would like to know if the chair lift to Rila Lake works every day and at what hour.
Thank you very much!

Katarina Nordström

Is there any contact info for Pionerska Hut? We would like to book it in July 🙂 I couldn’t find an email or webpage.


We are 5 friends planning to hike the Rila Mountains from cabin to cabin for 5 days at the end of June.
several questions:
1. Do you need to reserve a place in the cabins in advance?
2. Can you refer to the site with topographical maps that will help plan the route?
3. Is there concentrated information on distance and walking time between the huts in the Rila Mountains?
4. Not sure if necessary but can you hire an English-speaking guide and what is the cost per day?


Hello, thanks so much Lyuben, this map is sooo useful for planning our trek.
I have a few questions if you can answer or point me to a blog post:
1. Do they have electricity, to charge my phone / camera overnight?
2. Do they have provisions (food)?
a. Is it possible to have dinner and breakfast?
b. Is it possible to buy food for lunch (for after I’m off to continue trekking), for example bread, sausage, cheese, biscuits etc.?


We would like to hike in very early April this year. Are the huts open then and what are the mountain temperatures like at that time? Will we encounter a lot of snow?


Hi I’m planning on going in the last week of august. Is it possible to just turn up at the huts or do I need to book before hand?


Hi, I’d like to know how much time in advance I should order a night in the huts. I’m looking to arrive in June but I still don’t know how long it will be (probably 7-10 days) and the distance I’m about to walk each day. As I understand there are a lot of trekking options and I want to decide on the spot. Any suggestions?

Amir peleg

Can i combine the 7 lakes hike with Skakavista waterfall as a detour on the way back to the lift?
How long you think this will take?


    Hi, yes, this is possible. Depends on your walking pace, but around 6,5-7h total: Rila Lakes Hut – Lakes Peak – Dry Ridge – Skakavitsa Hut – Skakavitsa Waterfall – Pionerska Hut.


Hi! Are the huts open also in October? Can I count on it?
And in what dated its best for seeing automn leaves?
Thanks a lot! (:


Sry, regarding the price I just saw your information above. But are the huts open?
Thanks 🙂


Hey Lyuben!

I tried to call at Ledno Ezero hut and Musala Hut to see if there are open, but the stuff dont speak english unfortunately. WE would like to go there the 16th of October. Do you know if they will be open? And what would be the price?
Thanks a lot 🙂


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