2 comments on “How to Get to Malyovitsa by Bus

  1. Hi!
    I’m trying to understand the condition/type of the road to connect from Rika Lakes lift area to Malyovitsa Ski Center without driving all the way back through Sapareva Banya and Samokov, but using the shorter 6206 road branch with its two possible options (as reported on google maps).
    option 1 21km via Vada Hut (I read this one need to be done by a 4×4 only but then I saw lots of pictures of Vada Hut with many small car parked by)
    option 2 27km via the other 6206 branch, that reconnect to the main one to Malyovitsa, passing by Ten Houses Hotel.

    Ps I’ll be there next week 😉
    thanks for the help!

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