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  1. hi, we are planing to stay for one night in this hut at the end of september. is it possible to get blankets if we won`t bring with us sleeping bag?

  2. Hi,
    We are 2 guys planing to hike in the Rila mountains in mid August.
    1. Should we book in advance a night in the hut?
    2. Should we expect problems with special diets (like dairy free dishes)?
    * The hut website is incorrect

  3. Hello, their website isn’t available now. You know how can we make a reservation for later June?

  4. noam miklatzky on May 10, 2019 12:09 pm | Reply

    hello, can i get an email or a phone of hut to make contact. We want to stay there in late may 25th may is the hut open?
    and can we make a reservation

  5. How long is the hike from the chairlift to the hut? I’m attempting to do a day hike to that area without staying overnight and am wondering if the distance is doable. I can’t seem to find much info online about length of these trails.

  6. There is someone who knows, how can i contact Ivans’ hut ?
    I have try application form and phones numbers of the site , but none answer 🙁

  7. October 2016. I and my three sons stayed at the Ivan Vazov Hut on the second night on a wonderful hiking tour that Luben Grancharov guided us. We arrived there on a late called afternoon, and welcomes with a hot tee – practically haven. After dinner we set with the hosting family and felt like home. We waked up early in the morning, to see an amazing & unique sun-rise, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. The sun pops out between the surrounding mountains, that in a way reflect the light between them – the view is like the sun is rising from all directions; no words can describe it – you need to see it yourself. For breakfast we got tasty pancakes; the team was so kind to make sure that we ate enough and even made my younger son age 15, and extra dish! The n Luben guided us up the mountains’,to see the 7 lakes of Rila. I will never forget these days!

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