Kobilino Branishte Shelter

Kobilino Branishte Shelter

Kobilino Branishte Shelter is located at 2145 m above the sea at Kobilino Branishte Saddle, the bottom of the valley of Rila Monastery. It is actually a wooden barrack with no electricity and good water source nearby. Wood stove (but not always woods to burn) and bunk beds inside the building. It can take up to 20 people in an emergency situation.


The shelter is placed on the way between Malyovitsa and Mechit huts and Ribni Ezera Hut and is most easily accessible from the valley of Rila Monastery – 2 hours of walking from Kirilova Polyana (at 1500 m) near the Dry Lake.


Nearby destinations:

  • Malyovitsa Hut
  • Strashnoto Ezero Shelter
  • Mechit Hut
  • Ribni Lakes Hut
  • Kirilova Polyana Locality
  • Rila Monastery

Author: Lyuben Grancharov

“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” (Augustine of Hippo). I enjoy filling up the page, called “Bulgaria”, both working as a guide and writing about the mountains of Bulgaria on this blog.