Musala Hut

photo by Stanimir

Musala hut is located on the north bank of Musalensko Lake a 2389 m asl. It is a wooden building that can accommodate 45 people. The toilets are oudoor. There is electricity, no water, heating provided by burning stoves and electric ones, There is a canteen.

Nearby destinations:

  • Peaks: Musala (2925 m), Paletsa (2603 m), Studeni vrah (2784 m), Deno (2790 m), Groba (2532 m), Shater (2495 m), Aleko (2713 m);
  • Huts: Chakur Vojvoda, Maritsa, Zaratchitsa, Granchar, Ledeno ezero (Ice Lake ) Shelter;
  • Tumnoto ezero (The Dark Lake)

Starting pont:

  • Borovets Ski  Resort
  • Yastrebets Ski Area, if taking the gondola from Boroves to Yastrebets


tel.: +359 877 641 990

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