Rila-Pirin Huts&Peaks

7-day guided walking tour in the Rila and Pirin Mountains of Bulgaria


In this 7-day itinerary we combine the best sections of the the Rila and Pirin national parks routes that we also offer as separate programs. There is a transfer day with shorter walks between the two ranges in the middle of the program that can be also extended as a rest day in Bansko or the town of Blagoevgrad.

Sights on the way are the numerous lakes of Rila and Pirin – The Seven Rila Lakes, The Dears Lake, The Scary Lake, Popovokapski Lakes and The Dry Lake in Rila, Bunderishki and Todorini Lakes in Pirin. The world famous Rila Monastery, located in a valley in Rila Mountains. We will climb the peaks of Malyovitsa and Vihren, and undoubtedly the Pirin Marble Ridge with its tiny Foal section will remain a highlight of the tour.

The route is hut-to-hut style, with strenuous walking and some airy rocky trails, particularly in Pirin. The average walking times are 6 to 8h per day. Best season is July to September.


Brief Itinerary:


Day 1: Sofia – Sapareva Banya – Zeleni Preslap – Skakavitsa Waterfall – The Seven Rila Lakes – Vazov Hut ⛰2600m 🕑8:30h

Day 2: Vazov Hut – Malyovitsa Peak – Malyovitsa Hut – Malyovitsa Ski Area: ⛰2729m 🕑7:30h

Day 3: Malyovitsa Hut – The Scary Lake – Kobilino Branishte – The Dry Lake – Kirilova Polyana locality: ⛰2500m 🕑8:30h

Day 4: Kirilova Polyana – Ivan Rilski`s Grave – The Rila Monastery – transfer and walk to Yavorov Hut 🕑5h total

Day 5: Yavorov Hut – The Foal – Vihren Hut  ⛰2907m 🕑9h

Day 6: Vihren Hut – Vihren Peak – Vihren Hut.  ⛰2914m 🕑7h

Day 7: Vihren Hut – Bunderishki Lakes – Todorini Lakes – Demyanitsa Hut – Bansko. Departure to Sofia.⛰2600m 🕑7h


Please contact us for up to date prices according to the group size and route options – we are happy to customize the itinerary according to your needs.

You can check the self-guided version of the route here: 7-day Rila-Pirin Huts&Peaks


Horses at Razdela


Equipment list:

  • hiking boots with ankle support or waterproof trainers with stiff sole plus trekking poles
  • rainproof/windproof jacket with hood
  • quick dry type long sleeve pants
  • a thin down jacket or a fleece layer
  • rucksack 25-45l
  • sun protection – lotion, glasses, hat
  • rain protection – rucksack cover or raincoat
  • a pair of thin gloves and a warm hat
  • personal first aid kid – any medicines you take, blister kit
  • trekking poles highly recommended
  • water bottle – 1-1,5l, snacks
  • in case you have a hut accommodation in your itinerary: although nearly all huts provide bed sheets, we recommend you to use your own travel liner.


Best season to visit – July to September

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