Ski Touring the Mountains of Montenegro


Day 1

Driving time: 1.15h

Podgorica Airport

Arrival to Podgorica Airport and transfer to the town of Kolasin.

Day 2

Total 6-7h, +800/-800 m.;

Sinjajevina mountain

Touring day at Sinjajevina mountain, we start at Lipovo village after 40 min of transfer and climb up to Torna peak (2227 m). Different options to descend according to the conditions. Lunch at a local cheese farm.

Day 3

Total +700 m of ascent.

Komovi - Bogichevitsa

We are heading towards Komovi mountain range today – 1h of driving to the start point via Tresnjevik Pass from where we will take one of the routes to Vasojevichki Kom peak. Total +700 m of ascent. 1.45h drive to the town of Plav and further to our next accommodation at Bogichevitsa area. We stay in simple, but well equipped and comfy bungalows in the forest for 2 nights – private rooms with facilities. We will try the local homemade specialties of our hosts for the next few days.

Day 4

Total for the day: 6-7h, 10 km, +800/-800 m.

Bogichevitsa - Tromedja peak

Full day of touring in the Bogichevitsa area, located on the border of 3 countries – Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. We will climb up to the main ridge on the border and climb the peak of Tromedja (2366 m), the meeting point of the borders of the three countries.

Day 5

Bogichevitsa - Durmitor

Another half day of touring in the area of Bogichevitsa and we are heading to the north, towards the town of Zabljak, the Durmitor mountains. Accommodation in the area for 3 nights.

Day 6

Total for the day: 6-7h, +1100/-1100 m.

Zabljak - Savin Kuk

Full day of touring in the Zabljak area, up to Savin Kuk peak or Sljeme peak (2455 m). The start and end point is Savin Kuk ski center.

Day 7

Zabljak - Sedlo - Tara Canyon

Another day of touring in the area, up to the mountain pass Sedlo, or another depending on the conditions and afternoon visit to the famous Tara Canyon, a short drive from Zabljak.

Day 8

Zabljak - Niksic - Podgorica

Half day of touring in the area, depending on the conditions. Drive to the town of Niksic and visit of a local goat cheese farm. Drive to Podgorica and accommodation.

Day 9


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