Ski Touring the Peaks of the Balkans


This is our extended 12-day itinerary that covers some of the most interesting countries on the Balkan Peninsula – Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo. The mountains around offer great ski touring conditions between February and April and all the ranges have their own unique shapes, landscapes and views. This is not only a ski touring trip but also an exploration of the colorful and unknown Balkans – with their mix of cultures, religions, rural and urban life, natural landscapes, flora and fauna.


We`ll climb and ski down the highest peak of Albania and Macedonia – Mount Korab, the highest peak of the Balkans – Mount Musala, some of the remote and unpopular peaks of the Kosovo part of Sharri Mountains and Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria. We`ll visit the ski areas of Popova Shapka, Brezovitsa and Bansko.


Please find the detailed itinerary here



We prefer to work directly with our clients and customize the itineraries according to their preferences, abilities, time of the year and so on. Please, contact us for further details about possible itineraries, equipment, accommodation, prices or if you have any other questions.



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