The High Summits of Pirin


A 3-day challenging hiking trip that includes the most interesting and severe parts of Northern Pirin Mountains. This program is suitable for active people with some hiking experience and proper equipment.



  • 3 full days of hiking – traversing the highest parts of Pirin Mountains.
  • The highest summit of Pirin – Mount Vihren (2914 metres) and the Foal (optional)
  • Overnight at 2500 metres in a high mountain hut.


Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: About 45 min transfer to Gotse Delchev Hut, where the bottom lift station of the Bezbog chair lift is located. Lift up to 2240 m near Bezbog Lake where the trek starts. 4,5-5 hours walk via the biggest lake in Pirin – Popovo ezero – up to Tevno Lake Hut (Tevno Ezero Hut).

The hut is located at 2512 m above the sea, in a picturesque high mountain cirque, next to a lake (The Dark Lake). Overnight in the hut – dormitories, common outside WC, no shower, food and drinks available. Option to climb the nearby Momin Dvor Peak in the afternoon. Total 7 km, +600/-300 meters for the day.

Day 2: Morning start from Tevno Lake Hut. Today we follow the main ridge of Pirin Mountains with great views to the rocky peaks and blue lakes on both sides. We traverse the Tipitsite Peaks and finally descend along the valley of Bunderishki Lakes down to Vihren Hut. A 6,5 hours walk, 11 km, +480/-1025 meters for the day.

Accommodation in the hut, rooms for 2/3/4/8 people, shower, food and drinks are offered.

Day 3: From here we’ll do a 7-8 hours trek, traversing the highest summit of Pirin Mountains – Mount Vihren (2914 metres). Optional extension will take us to the famous “Foal” – a tiny part of the main ridge of Pirin, secured by railings. +1000/-1000 meters for the day. Afternoon shuttle bus down to the town Bansko – 30 min.



Equipment needed: hiking boots, rucksack (35-45 l), trekking poles, water and windproof jacket, rain cover, sun hat, sun lotion, sunglasses, warm hat and gloves, water bottle (1,5 litres), travel liner, torch, personal first aid kit.

Please Contact us if you have any additional questions.