MTB Day Trip Rhodopes

A very panoramic day trip starting from the town of Bansko. We offer not only a great natural and mountain biking experience, but also a cultural one as we visit one of the remotest areas of Rhodope Mountains, inhabited mainly by local Muslims. Many of the small neighbourhoods in the area still lack asphalt road access and the lifestyle of the inhabitants didn’t significantly changed during the last century. They still wear their traditional clothes, organize their life around the life stock and crops breeding and use wooden and iron instruments to dig the farm lands. We’ll also use a unique type of transport to access the area – the famous narrow gauge train that connects Razlog Valley with the area of the second biggest Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, winding along the border of Rhodope and Rila Mountains.



  • Smooth and scenic route with great panoramas towards the surrounding alpine ranges
  • Explore the local culture and lifestyle of the farmers of Velijski Rhodopi
  • Ride on the unique for Bulgaria mountain narrow gauge train


Difficulty level: Medium. We may do 25 to 30 km on the bikes on that day, following large dirt and quiet asphalt village roads with low inclination. The off road part of the actual route may vary between 50-90%, according to your preferences. The total positive elevation (ascent) is up to 650 m. We grade this trip as an medium one – no experience in mountain biking is required, but a decent physical shape will let you enjoy this trip to the maximum.

The best period for this trip is April to November.


Views towards Rila Mountains



We meet in Bansko at 9.30, get our bikes and head for the 10.30 narrow gauge train at Bansko train station. 2 hours ride will take us to the highest rail station on the Balkans – Avramovo at nearly 1300 m above the sea. Our route goes through Avramovo village which has great panoramas towards the southern slopes Rila Mountains. We continue biking south ascending the main ridge of Velijski Rhodopi and finally cross it to see the views towards south: the jagged peaks of Pirin Mountains. Descent to the villages of Bozevo and Zlataritsa or the village of Ortsevo and further back to the north side. Long descent via some small settlements to the town of Yakoruda. The other option is to descent to the village of Eleshnitsa to the north. Time for a beer until we get the train back to Bansko – a 1 hour journey. Arrival by 21.30. Possible to organize an earlier return with a short transfer.


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