New Trail Cameras in Central Balkan

Brown Bear in Central Balkan

New photo traps in use to capture the animals inhabiting the area of Central Balkan National Park in Bulgaria.
Central Balkan is the youngest between the tree national parks in Bulgaria. Recently celebrated 21 years of establishment. It protects the flora and fauna in the highest parts of Balkan Mountains. The other two parks are: Rila National Park in Rila Mountains and Pirin National Park.

At the end of November 2012 a mass counting of the brown bears population within the territory of the park will be launched. The 16 trail cameras will be used to gain data about the number of bears living in this territory. They’ve got sensors that detect body heat and movement and create a digital photo of the object.

A brown bear, wild boars and a roe deer were captured so far. Photo credit: Central Balkan National Park Website

Wild Boars in Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria

Roe Deer in Central Balkan National Park, Bulgaria








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