Walking the Mountains of North Macedonia

Price includes:

All the group transfers during the trip;

Mountain guide and all the expenses of the guide;

All the accommodations – 7 on a double/twin room basis with private facilities, according to the itinerary;

Breakfasts, dinners and packed lunches (excl. the arrival and departure days);

Local taxes and VAT.


Not included:

Travel/mountain rescue insurance – obligatory;

Entrance fees to museums and other sights.




Day 1


Arrival at Skopje ariport. Overnight stay in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Time permitting, a sightseeing tour around the capital.

Day 2

Altitude gain: 450 meters Length: 9,5 km Walking time: 4,5-5h

Makedonsko Selo

Hike from Makedonsko Selo to Canyon Matka. After breakfast, we checkout from the Hotel and we load the bags in the bus. We are ready to hike from the hotel, while our bus will wait for us at Canyon Matka.

Canyon Matka

We start at the altitude of 650 meters, and soon we enter a zig zag oath in the forest. We exit on the ridge of Mount Vodno, often giving us great views toward the city of Skopje. The ridge has gentle ups and downs, and its highest point is 1060 meters. From that point, we start descending to Matka, one of the most popular protected nature areas near Skopje.

Church of St. Nicholas

We will descend to the church of St. Nicholas (14th century), from where we can see the canyon. We will go down to the artificial lake of Matka, where a boat will pick us up.

Popova Shapka

We will find our driver nearby and continue to transfer to Popova Shapka area of Shar Mountains where we spend the night (1,5h drive).
Day 2

Day 3

Altitude gain: 800 meters Length: 16 km Walking time: 7,5-8h

Shar Mountains

After breakfast, we start the hike towards peak Plat, one of the most scenic peaks on Shar mountain. After an ascent of about 200 metres, our hike continues on a dirt road looking over the forest of the north side of Ceripasina peak. In May it is still quite probable that we will walk on several snow patches on the north exposed sides, but we do not expect any technical terrain.

Peak Plat

Soon we will exit from the road and start the ascent towards the peak Plat. We will again cross some snow, which will also determine the exact route we take up. On the last push before the peak, a view toward Middle Leshnica rock and Tito’s peak, the highest peak on Shar mountain opens up. We will hike to the peak, and enjoy a view of the longest mountain range in Macedonia.

Middle Leshnica rock

We hike the same way back to Hotel Scardus which allows us to check out late. So a quick shower and a possible celebratory beer, and we are on our way to Mavrovo national park (2h drive).
Day 3

Day 4

Altitude gain: 550 meters Length: 13 km Walking time: 5,5-6h

Medenica peak (2152 m)

After breakfast we will check out and take a 40-minute drive to the starting point of our hike. Today we hike to Medenica peak (2152 m), the highest peak of Bistra mountain. Medenica means the Honey peak, and it is 2160 meters high.


We will have a circular tour of this peak, and we start at 1600 meters, hike to the peak and descend to the famous Galichnik village. This village was once considered to be a small town, having almost 3000 inhabitants. Now the wonderfully preserved architecture and a few friendly locals remain a witness of the once rich sheep-herding traditions. We will have a traditional lunch with Pavle and Borka, the only two remaining full-time inhabitants in the village, and then we will have an optional continuation of the hike, down to our accommodation.


After our descent, we will drive off to the UNESCO-protected cultural heritage city of Ohrid, placed next to the oldest lake in Europe, the UNESCO protected natural heritage Ohrid Lake. We will stay at the accommodation and enjoy a nice dinner. Drive time: 1,5h.
Day 4

Day 5

Altitude gain: 750 meters Length: 12 km Walking time: 6-6,5h

Galichitsa National Park

We start the day after breakfast with a 40-minute drive in Galicica National Park.

Magaro peak

Our hike today takes us to Magaro peak (2264 meters), one of the highest peaks of Galicica mountain. Galicica national park is positioned between Prespa and Ohrid lakes, and these lakes are amazingly connected via springs under the mountain.

Prespa lake

Prespa lake feeds its waters into Ohrid lake, giving it a fresh water supply constantly. Our peak gives us a view of the two lakes, making this hike very popular among visitors from all over the world. If we try to make it a circular hike, we may encounter some snow on the descent, but we will check this option and know what to expect. After the descent, we will go to Ohrid lake, where we will have an amazing lunch by the lake in the village of Trpejca. In the afternoon, we can have a guided stroll through the old city of Ohrid, and choose a nice dinner place also by the lake.
Day 5

Day 6

Altitude gain: 900 meters Length: 14 km Wakling time: 7,5-8h

Jablanitsa Mountains

After breakfast we will drive for about 45 minutes to the village of Gorna Belica on Jablanica mountain. Gorna Belica’s name titerally means ‘the beauty above’, probably referring to the beautiful nature and the views towards Ohrid lake.

Popova Shapka

Our hike takes us Popova Shapka, Macedonia (FYROM) in wonderful birch forest before we exit a high plateau carved by mountain streams. The peak Crn Kamen (Black Rock, 2257 m) is accessed by a zig zag path that takes us to the ridge from which again we have an amazing view toward Ohrid lake.

Gorna Belica

If the snow conditions allow, we can make a circular hike toward Gorna Belica via an small and beautiful glacial lake.

Vevchani village

After the hike we will drive to Vevchani village, where traditional Macedonian food will be served as our well-deserved treat. After this late lunch, we will shortly walk to see the famous Vevchani streams, one of which is coming out of a small cave.


We will drive back to Ohrid, where we can have our farewell dinner in Macedonia.
Day 6

Day 7


Drive to Skopje and departure.
Day 7

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