The Rhodopes A Secret for Long Life

The Rhodopes – A Secret for Long Life, Bulgaria, 36,15′

Promotional Tourism Film by Mihail Vasilev

In a lovely place called Rhodopes (Bulgaria) live a lot of centenarians in a completely different world, unknown for the today’s urbanization. They all have their lifetime stories fulfilled with sadness and happiness.

The Movie:

Do you know a movie which has several 100-year-old protagonists as main characters? Can you even imagine it – how it will be, how it will work for the audience? This is exactly the movie which will face this extraordinary challenge. „The Rhodopes – A Secret for Long Life“ is a promotional tourism film illustrating a variety of authentic scenes focused on the life of the longevity people in the Rhodopes. The movie introduces us to their interesting handcraft activities and their lifetime stories. In addition, it also attempts to create a strong cultural and social connection between the audience and the protagonists.

Subtitles in English available (switch on from the button at bottom-right).



Want to visit the Rhodope Mountains, see the culture, traditions, handcrafts and meet the people of these magic lands?

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