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  1. Hi- thanks so much for this blog and information on trekking in Bulgaria. I am interested in Rila traverse as a solo female trekkers. I am thinking of doing this last week of August (aug 25 to sept 2). Would it be easy to get a space at the huts during that time without booking ahead? Is it pretty straightforward to find the route/trail for this trek? I assume this is a safe place for trekking as well for solo travelers? Aside from snacks, would I need to bring food at all or is it possible to just buy all the food at the huts?

    • Lyuben Grancharov on Mar 4, 2016 7:18 pm | Reply

      Hi, usually its not a problem to get a bed even without pre-booking if you are a single individual, in worst case you may need to spend the night on a bench or something. If you definitely want to avoid this you may at least contact the huts where you’ll stay on Friday or Saturday night, as these are the busiest days.

      All the huts offer some simple food menu and snacks, so you don’t need to carry so much.

      The route is generally straight forward and there is no any particular risks except the common ones in the mountains – possible bad weather, storms, etc. Nevertheless people get lost in these mountains from time to time, even in summer. Navigation skills and good equipment are essential, also insurance and mobile phone.

      You are welcome to share about your experience on this route after completing it:)

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