The Rila Traverse Days 5-7

Day 5: Rila Monastery- Ivan Vazov Hut (6 hours, + 1350/-150 m)

The trail starts right from the parking lot in front of the western gate of the monastery. At the beginning there is a couple of information boards about the national park and Rila Monastery Nature Park. The trail goes near the grave of James Boucher, an Irish journalist who supported the Bulgarians in their efforts to form a new country after the liberation from the Ottoman Empire.  The trail goes nearly flat than straight up and along the Baucher Ridge, also known as the Black Ridge. After reaching the Pazardere Valley you need to turn left (west) towards Ivan Vazov Hut.


Pazardere Valley

Pazardere Valley


The ascent is fairly long on that day and there is only one water source on the way. The water above the shepherds camp – appx. 4,5 hours after the start – may not be running in late summer. The fountain is also used by the sheep herds and looks polluted, so best is to carry with you enough supply from the monastery.

Accommodation at Ivan Vazov Hut – food and drinks are available, no shower and hot water, dorms.


Ivan Vazov Hut

Ivan Vazov Hut


Day 6: Ivan Vazov Hut – Malyovitsa Hut via Mount Malyovitsa (7 hours, +700/-1000 m)

You’ve got two options at the start – to go back the same way until you reach the fork signposted with the stone board marking the trails towards Malyovitsa and Rila Monastery, where you turn left. Or to prolong the route with an hour – to follow the trail that goes up along Pazardere Valley towards Razdela Pass, where you turn right and traverse Mount Ivan Vazov, than continue following the main ridge.

The route along the ridge traverses Mount Dodov and Mermerite and finally goes up to Mount Malyovitsa (2729 m). More info about the area of Malyovitsa here. The descent on the other side is tiring for people who do not enjoy walking over boulders and steeper trail sections.

Overnight at Malyovitsa Hut – dormitories, hot water and shower available, food and drinks available.


Malyovitsa Hut, Malka (Small) Malyovitsa and Malyovitsa peaks

Malyovitsa Hut, Malka (Small) Malyovitsa and Malyovitsa peaks


Day 7: Malyovitsa Hut – the parking lot of Malyovitsa – Sofia (1 hour, – 200 m)

It takes one hour to descent from Malyovitsa Hut to the parking lot of Malyovitsa – an area locally known with the abreviation CPSH (ЦПШ) Malyovitsa. Thats the end of the asphalt, there is also a few hotels and small restaurants available.

There is a shuttle from here to the town of Samokov twice a day: at 09.00 and at 17.00. 30 minutes, 7 BGN one way ticket. From the town of  Samokov there is regular buses towards Sofia (see the Intro).


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