Mount Musala Winter Ascent

Mount Musala is the top of the Balkans and the highest peak in Rila Mountains. It is also a challenging objective to climb in winter. But the effort is paid with the great views of the snowy mountains around and the satisfaction of efforts paid back. We offer both 1 day and 2-days long itineraries – ascent of Mount Musala. While the gondola lift of Borovets is in operation until the ski resort is open (mid. April) it is possible to aim Musala for a day if you are an experienced hiker in very good physical condition and with the proper equipment. After the lift is shut down, a 2-day program is the best option.


View from Musala


Itinerary: Transfer from Sofia to Borovets ski resort (1350 m, 1,15 hours drive from Sofia). We take the gondola lift up to about 2400 m, from where a couple of hours trek takes us to Ledenoto Ezero Chalet at 2700 m. From here starts the last part on the ridge with a metal cable up to the top. Crampons are needed for safety reasons. The top offers incredible views in good weather. We will retrace our way back for the last gondola or descend to Borovets (an extra 900 m). Transfer back to Sofia.

Walking time: 6:30-7h, +1000/-1000 m

Remark – it is possible to start the hike from Borovets ski resort in case the gondola lift is closed. This will usually require a night up the mountain.


Snowshoeing Musala



Required equipment:

  • hiking boots – waterproof and warm, to cover the ankle, with stiff sole, compatible with your crampons;
  • crampons compatible to your boots (may organize hire);
  • water and windproof jacket with hood;
  • water and windproof pants;
  • rucksack;
  • warm hat, thin pair of gloves and a pair of warm mittens;
  • thermal underwear, light down jacket or a warm fleece;
  • sun protection – sun cream, sun glasses, sun hat;
  • snowshoes and trekking poles – we can organize hire;
  • water bottle or, preferably, flask – 1l;
  • snacks, lunch pack;
  • travel liner for the night in the hut.