2 comments on “Hiking Trip to Tymfi Mountains in Greece

  1. We (3 people – my son and daugther and myself) made the ascent from Micro Papigo to the Dragon Lake in July 2018. It was a great trek – even taking the hot weather into consideration. Fortunately, there are many springs/fountains on the way where you can fill your flasks. We also took a rest at the Astraka Refuge. On the whole trek we enjoyed fantastic views of the Astraka range. The whole trek – up and down – took us some 10 hours incl. breaks. And we are pretty slow hikers. We can strongly recommend this wonderful trek!

    Claes from Denmark

  2. I visited a fantastic town called konitsa and from there did the trek to dragon lake – it’s a great trek. .
    Konitsa is a superb town with extremely pleasant and hospitable people . Thoroughly enjoyed the town , the river, the stone bridge and most of all the people there.

    Thoroughly recommend this trip

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